(Catching fish with cigarette butts) The Mission Fly Mag with Tudor Caradoc-Davies

I speak to editor of the Mission Fly Mag, Tudor Caradoc-Davies, about fly fishing in Southern Africa, catching fish with cigarette patterns, some of his work as publisher, how it is to start a fly fishing magazine, why their cover photos break the mould, why fly fishing is a cult, my attempts to get my one buddy into fly fishing, I tell a crazy story of my brakes failing on a mountain pass in Lesotho but then delete it in editing because I admitted to swearing at beggars, I once again admit to sucking at fly fishing, and Tudor tells me despite me not believing it fly fishing may just be a sex cult.

Website: https://themissionflymag.com

Instagram: @themissionflymag


All music by Jacques van Wyk 

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